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Your Top Questions About Riverbed Rise, Answered

1. For the Customer Acquisition definition, when is an Account no longer considered new?

Riverbed Rise gives you flexibility to choose how you earn dividends, such as by opening new accounts.

We defined a new Customer Acquisition Account as an end-user account that is either (i) a net new Riverbed customer, or (ii) an existing customer that has not generated Net Sales Bookings for at least the previous two-year period. An end-user account is considered to be an Acquisition Account for 6 months from when the first Riverbed product opportunity for such account is booked by Riverbed.

For example, if an end-user buys 2 Steelheads in February and then 80 Steelheads in April, all 82 Steelheads would be considered Acquisition. However, if they buy the 80 Steelheads in September, only the 2 Steelheads purchased in February would count as acquisition.

Do Support Renewals mean an account is not considered new?
Support Renewals are not considered in determining whether or not an account is an Acquisition Account. Only Resale bookings count. For example, a customer who bought a unit 5 years ago and has received renewals ever since, but who has not had other bookings, would be classified as Dormant or not active in last two years and therefore would be considered an Acquisition Account.

2. How do partners receive dividends for Managed Services in Riverbed Rise?

To earn dividends for Managed Services under the XaaS Achievement Area of Riverbed Rise, partners must meet the following criteria:

  • Purchase the Riverbed products and/or services in connection with their delivery of a Managed Services opportunity;
  • Own level 1 and level 2 support, meaning either that the Partner is a Riverbed Authorized Support Partner (RASP) or that the distributor, from which the Partner purchases, must provide RASP to the end customer for the Managed Services opportunity;
  • Category K (RASP Support services) or Category N (Subscription with RASP) must be purchased by the Partner in connection with the opportunity.
  • The opportunity needs to be identified as Managed Services on SFDC, and the appropriate fields in the opportunity should be tagged as follows:
    • Deal Type: Managed Services
    • Support Provider: <RASP Partner name> either the Partner or a RASP Distributor
    • Support Type: Managed Services

Please also note that the Managed Services Discount cannot be combined with the Deal Registration Discount.

3. Does Virtual SteelHead (and other virtual services) count as XaaS for dividend accumulation?

Yes, it is counted as XaaS. Virtual SteelHead (VCX) is sold as a Subscription and so is considered either Category G (Subscription Software) with Riverbed support or Category N (Subscription Software w/ RASP Advanced/Fundamental) with RASP support included.

4. Do SteelHead-SD or SteelHead Category G Subscriptions count as Portfolio for dividend accumulation?

SteelHead (hardware only) is not considered Portfolio and therefore does earn any Portfolio dividends. SteelHead-SD, however, is SteelHead hardware that has the ability to run SD-WAN Subscriptions on it, so while the hardware does not earn Portfolio dividends, the SD-WAN Subscription is counted both as Portfolio and as XaaS.

Portfolio product families include: SteelConnect, SteelCentral, SteelFusion, Xirrus and/or SD-WAN subscription that is part of SteelHead-SD.