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Updates to Riverbed’s Support Levels

In order to help customers realize the business outcomes they need to stay competitive and drive results, Riverbed will be updating Support levels as outlined below.

What updates are being made?

In sum, Riverbed is (1) consolidating Software-only Support with Gold-level Support (Software-only Support will no longer be offered as a standalone Support level offering); and (2) transforming Gold-level Support from a Support level related to RMA hardware replacement into a more value-based offering focused on customer success for both hardware and software Products. All Software-only Product SKUs that were formerly bundled with Software-only Support will now be bundled with Gold-level Support.

What is the effective date of these updates?

Beginning November 1st, 2019, all new initial Support and Support Renewal contracts will include the new Gold-level Support features listed below. For Software-only Support and Gold-level Support contracts purchased prior to November 1st, 2019, Riverbed will continue to fulfill in accordance with the terms and conditions in effect at the time of purchase.

What are the key features of Gold-level Support?

  • Gold-level Support now includes both hardware and software-only Products
  • A series of self-paced Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) Foundational and Associate performance videos and resources
  • Improved communication of all the resources available for our customers captured in our updated Customer Success Welcome Guide initial onboarding document, along with a new Yearly Customer Success Plan template document
  • Continuation of Riverbed’s global logistics network next business day advanced hardware replacement support parts delivery our customers have come to rely on 
  • Global support 24×7
  • Access to Riverbed Support Site
  • Software Updates & Upgrades
  • Updated Technical Support Priority Level Targeted Response Times
    • P1: initial response within 1 hour
    • P2: initial response within 6 hours*
    • P3: next business day*
    • P4: next business day

* Modification to current reasonable efforts response times

This announcement is intended to raise awareness of these updates to our Support levels. Please note, Riverbed does not intend to increase existing Gold-level support SKU prices at this time, however, Riverbed, much like our industry peers does not guarantee future pricing. In keeping with this industry practice, our intention is that customers will enjoy an enhanced experience that comes with these updates to our Gold-level Support Services. As you know, Riverbed offers a choice of support levels so that customers may choose the appropriate support level that fits their specific requirements, IT needs, and business goals. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact your Channel Manager, your Support Renewal Representative or

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