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Up Your Game at SharkFest’18 Europe

SharkFest’18 Europe happens Oct 30th – Nov 2nd at the Imperial Riding School Hotel in Vienna.

As the corporate host of the Wireshark® open source project, community, and SharkFest™ educational conference, Riverbed highly recommends attendance for all those wishing to up their game when managing, monitoring, securing, and troubleshooting on and off-prem networks.  Full integration of Wireshark, the world’s most popular free network and packet analysis tool downloaded over 1M times/month, is a unique feature of SteelCentral™ technology, providing great value and performance-analysis depth to Riverbed’s Digital Performance platform.

Riverbed’s CTO Hansang Bae, and Gerald Combs, founder of the Wireshark project and Riverbed’s Director of Open Source Projects, are key presenters at the conference, and available for discussions during conference days.  The RCPE (Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering) Program will also be highlighted at SharkFest’18 EUROPE.  This recently-announced industry certification program, available to partners and individuals alike, focuses on building career-based capabilities in digital performance to enable significant business results and outcomes.

Please pass this information along to your SteelCentral customers and consider sending your SE staff to the conference to enhance their knowledge and practice with ARX, Aternity, learn about the RCPE Program, and more.  You can also contact for conference information and to request a 20% SharkFest registration fee discount code for yourself, your staff, and/or to offer customers.

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