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Uncover Hidden Digital Performance Dangers – and Opportunities

Digital Performance Gaps

In a recent digital performance study, Riverbed surveyed 1,000 global business decision-makers to better understand the forces driving businesses to go digital, and the opportunities and challenges they face in turning their digital strategies into digital performance.

While everyone agrees that digital is critical to the future of business, a real digital performance gap nonetheless exists. 80% report important digital services and applications are failing a few or more times a month, impacting the customer experience, diminishing productivity, and causing deadlines to move out. Top challenges standing in the way of successful strategy execution include budget constraints, rigid legacy IT infrastructures, and a lack of visibility into digital end-user experience.

Let’s Grow and Go Together

This challenge creates the perfect opportunity for you to expand your digital performance revenues and reinforce your trusted advisor role by helping your customers to ‘Close the IT Monitoring Visibility Gap’ and achieve digital success earlier.

This is where Riverbed’s SteelCentral EUE monitoring solution opens up a massive $13.9B market opportunity — checkout the ’Aternity Opportunity – Partner Qualification Playbook’ to learn more.

Leading with SteelCentral Aternity EUE Monitoring enables you to:

  1. Open up new CXO conversations around validating the impact of IT change.
  2. Land and expand in new accounts by adding value to cloud migration products that are already funded.
  3. Gain access to margin-rich revenue with opportunities often exceeding > 1:7 product to services revenue.
  4. Differentiate your APM and NPM solutions portfolio with a unique proposition by monitoring IT from the point of consumption – the user’s device.
  5. Demonstrate your ability to enhance digital performance and prove your SLA commitments.
  6. Earn a larger share of wallet as a strategic partner by attaching to other transformation initiatives.

Put EUE at the Center of your Monitoring & Demand Generation Strategy

To help you put EUE at the center of your monitoring GTM strategy is a package of integrated demand generation tools and services that drive a single marketing and sales goal – revenue.

The ‘Close the Visibility Gap’ campaign now available on Riverbed Reach, features the latest EUE assets and helps you to expose your customers visibility challenges, including the limitations of any point monitoring solutions they may be using.

Campaign tools include:

  • Expansive digital campaign assets
  • Integrated multi-touch workflow
  • Outbound call script
  • Demand Generation Concierge implementation services

Selling assets include:

  • Customer-facing solution deck
  • Battlecards
  • Additional sales resources on Partner Center


Now is the Time to Reach & Rise

Drive more demand with Riverbed by your side. Log in or request to join Riverbed Reach today.



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