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Driving Business Together
Driving Business Together

Two New Major Offerings: SteelConnect EX and xx80 Branch Boxes

In October, Riverbed launched two major offerings into the market (SteelConnect EX and xx80 Branch Boxes), handing you, our partner community, an amazing opportunity to go back to the Riverbed install base and change the game! 

There isn’t another vendor who can provide a TOTAL MODERN DIGITAL NETWORKING offering like we can, by delivering:

  • A true enterprise SD-WAN offering that suits the needs of the most complex networks, delivering the agility, performance & security needed to propel network transformation.
  • The most comprehensive and complete view of network performance across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.
  • A Best-in-class application acceleration offering that has the flexibility to accelerate any modern application (SaaS, cloud or on premise) anywhere (in a branch, a remote site, on the go, or between clouds or data centers).

SteelConnect EX Enterprise SD-WAN Solution

SteelConnect EX is a powerful enterprise software-defined WAN solution available today.

It integrates best-in-class SD-WAN, enterprise-grade routing, industry leading application acceleration and state of the art security.  

This highly differentiated platform scales to 5000 sites on a single instance, integrates with next generation firewall and unified management helping customers to accelerate cloud/SaaS adoption through local breakouts and native enterprise routing helps customers to deploy SD-WAN in phases, a critical requirement for enterprise brownfield deployments.

For more information, access your SteelConnect EX assets on Partner Center.

SteelHead xx80 Branch Boxes

Riverbed launched the new SteelHead branch boxes, 580, 780 and 3080 with feature tiered license pricing (Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise), providing WanOP and Application Acceleration at varied price points to match every requirement and budget.

Learn more on Partner Center.

With these launches you are well-armed to change the game and the opportunity NOW is to go out to your customers, better understand their businesses, and create meaningful conversations.

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