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The New Digital Rules of Marketing

On average, business buyers are not willing to engage suppliers directly until 57% of the purchase process is complete[1]. This means for nearly two thirds of the buying process, your prospects are forming opinions, building requirements lists and narrowing down their solution options – without your sales team.

The emergence of the digital buyer also fundamentally changes the role and importance of marketing. Today the job of marketing is not an events and budget manager. Rather it is now to nurture prospects on their buying journey – from awareness to consideration, through selection and ultimately loyalty phases of the LEAR lifecycle. At every step, marketers must meet prospects where and when they research, while cultivating relationships with content.

Most VARs and Service Providers like you may be facing challenges[2] – from both a digital marketing capabilities and capacity perspective:

  • 84% lack the Marketing Automation Platforms to track ROI or optimize digital marketing
  • 76% have employees focused on, but not dedicated to marketing
  • 82% of marketing employees do not have a formal marketing degree

The top marketing skills in demand reflect the need for digital marketing acumen, according to IPED Consulting and The Channel Company’s State of Partner Marketing[2].

This is why Riverbed Reach exists. With programs and services to support your digital marketing capacity and capabilities, imagine what you can do to further your reach and drive more demand.

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[1] Source: CEB/Google

[2] Source: IPED Channelytics/The Channel Company

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