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The Best Marketing Activity to Complete Before You Ring in the New Year

You’ve been busy all year – building your marketing plan, orchestrating demand gen tactics and passing qualified leads to your sales team. So, now that December is here, you may be thinking the time has passed to launch a new marketing activity.

Not so fast! There is one more critical marketing activity you can and should complete before winding down the year. December is “the most wonderful time of year” to ensure your customer and prospect data is ready for your 2019 marketing plans.

How’s Your Data Hygiene?

Business-to-business data decays at rates estimated to be between 22.5% and as high as 70.3% annually. People move companies, mergers and acquisitions happen, email conventions change, new offices open or close, area codes shift, data privacy regulations change and on it goes – year over year.

That could mean that of the 5k contacts in your database, you may only be reaching 1,500 of them come this January.

The Cost of Dirty Data

Now, think of the impact of that dirty data – year over year. Wasted marketing spend. Inaccurate projections for campaigns and programs. Unhappy sales teams. Revenue funnel leaks. Poor customer experiences. And you could be even be blacklisted as an email sender, meaning even fewer of those 1,500 emails would actually be delivered.

Database decay is a fact of marketing life. You can improve your open rates and earn an audience on social, but you can’t stop people from changing their email, phone, or company address. Yet the good news is that there is something you can do to prevent dirty data from ruining your new year! 

Clean Data: A Gift That Will Keep on Giving in 2019

Riverbed Reach is here to help and offers data cleansing, appending or acquisition services that you can still complete by the end of the year. And, with data services starting at $310, this is a marketing activity that most everyone can afford – and you almost can’t afford not to do.

The even better news is that you may be able to use your Business Investment Funds or Market Development Funds for data services. Book time with your regional Reach Demand Gen Concierge today to discuss data services – and prepare to hit the ground running to drive demand in 2019!

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