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SteelHead News: SteelHead CX 5080 and CX 7080 Data Center Model Appliances, New Configuration Based Support Pricing Model and End of Support Date Extension

SteelHead CX 5080 and 7080 Now Available with the February Price List

Riverbed is enhancing its industry-leading SteelHead product family with two new data center SteelHead CX model appliances (CX 5080 & CX 7080) that provide higher performance and greater flexibility.

  • Up to 2x More Optimized WAN Throughput
  • Up to 2x More Optimized Connections
  • New Data Center Network Interface Card Options

In addition, these new models provide new pricing flexibility, with support for perpetual (CAPEX) and new subscription-based (OPEX) consumption models.

The new models and pricing options will be available to quote and order with the February 5th price list.

Visit the SteelHead Partner page and watch the January 2019 Rivercast on the new SteelHead offerings for more information.


New Configuration Based Support Pricing Model

In support of the new data center SteelHead CX-5080 and CX-7080 model appliances, Riverbed is introducing a new configuration based support pricing model.

What does this mean?

  • Configuration Based List Price – The support (MNT) SKUs for products under this model will not have a list price on Riverbed’s Global List Price.  Instead, the list price will be calculated based on the hardware and software subscription ordered.
  • Affected Products – The Configuration Based Support pricing model will only be introduced on new platforms, starting with the new data center SteelHead CX 5080 and CX 7080 appliances on Riverbed’s February Price List.  This model will also apply to future new product offerings coming in 2019.

How can partners calculate the list price?

  • Partners can either contact their Riverbed Authorized Distributor or access Riverbed’s Partner Configuration Tool on Partner Center.  Partner discounts will remain the same and will be applied to the configuration based list price.

Where can I find more information?


End of Support Date Extension for SteelHead 555 and 755

At Riverbed, we are constantly reviewing the product life cycle and balance it with the customer and market needs. As such, we are extending the End of Support (EoS) for SteelHead 555 and 755 models to April 30, 2020.

What does this mean for Riverbed Partners?

  1. Refresh Opportunity – This end of support extension opens up a great window of opportunity to re-engage your customers to discuss their evolving next generation networking needs.  Riverbed’s Trade-Up program is an excellent conversation starter and allows Riverbed Partners the ability to offer their customers Trade-Up credits towards the purchase of new Riverbed technologies.  Visit the Partner Refresh page on Partner Center for more information.
  2. Support Renewal Opportunity – For those customers not ready to make a new purchasing decision, who may have let their support contract expire, this may also be an opportunity to renew their Riverbed support contract so they get all the benefits of Riverbed’s award winning, global 24x7x365 support. Click here for more information.

See a list of affected SKUs below and reach out to your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager with any questions.

Affected SKUs:

CXA-00555-B010 LIC-CXA-555-H-E
CXA-00555-B010-E LIC-CXA-555-L
CXA-00555-E-PTO LIC-CXA-555-L-E
CXA-00555-PTO LIC-CXA-555-M
CXA-00755-B010 LIC-CXA-555-M-E
CXA-00755-B010-E LIC-CXA-755-H
CXA-00755-B020 LIC-CXA-755-H-E
CXA-00755-B020-E LIC-CXA-755-L
CXA-00755-E-PTO LIC-CXA-755-L-E
CXA-00755-PTO LIC-CXA-755-M


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