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SteelCentral – Reinventing APM for the Digital Era: User-centric. All Data. Every App.

In addition to now offering a large scale APM solution that supports Big Data Business Analytics, this release also features a single EUEM (Aternity) and APM (AppInternals) SaaS license that monitors the performance impact of ALL apps based on user experience. This license enables you to:

  • Evolve and shift the mix of your Managed Service offer between, e.g., driving simplicity and flexibility into the delivery of desktop and back-end servers.
  • Tailor your offer to your customer specific needs. For example, where your customer has some of its applications supported by a competitive APM solution, you can offer a managed service trial for the non-supported applications allowing the customer to compare the level of insights provided.
  • Respond quickly to your customers changing needs, such as a company acquisition, the closing down of a data center, or a shift to the cloud.  Here the agents can be dynamically re-deployed, typically within a 24-hour period.

To learn more, check out all the new SteelCentral Spring 2018 release assets on Partner Center, and talk with your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager.