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SteelCentral Launch Update – Performance Management for Cloud 2.0

Create profitable new revenue streams by providing your customers with a comprehensive, performance management solution for managing network and application performance in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments.

What we are announcing? – With this launch, Riverbed SteelCentral delivers the first balanced Cloud performance management solution that enables companies to broadly examine network traffic, deeply investigate cloud, network performance and application issues within the Cloud 2.0 ecosystem. These enhancements can help your customers manage cost and agility by enabling them to manage cloud applications and infrastructure as a core component of their delivery environment.

This is a great differentiator for Riverbed partners, as unlike other solutions, SteelCentral uniquely enables enterprises to monitor the digital experience of every app, in any cloud environment so that companies can proactively manage these and resolve problems faster.

What does this launch include?

  • Comprehensive Cloud NPM including:
    • Flow Capabilities (SteelCentral NetProfiler)
    • Packet Analysis capabilities (SteelCentral AppResponse)
    • Previously announced SteelCentral Aternity capabilities for SaaS performance monitoring
  • New NPM SaaS Agent – Enhancing the previously announced unified agent for Application Performance Management and End User Experience Management that Riverbed released earlier this year.  This single license provides you with the ability:
    • To extend and shift the mix of your Managed Service offerings to include cloud NPM capabilities in addition to APM and EUEM.
    • To tailor your solution offering to the specific needs of your customer and more easily up-sell additional capabilities with additional licenses instead of a differently product line.
    • To be highly responsive to your customers changing business transformation needs e.g. a company acquisition, the closing down of a data center, or a shift to the cloud. Here, the agents can be dynamically re-deployed, typically within a 24 hour period.
    • NOTE: partners and customers who purchase ATNY-SAAS now don’t just get Aternity, but also get APM SaaS, and features from NPM without the need to purchase additional units/licenses (if all licenses haven’t been used yet).
  • Cloud 2.0 Ecosystem support for APM
    • Cloud Foundry integration and support
    • Kubernetes integration and support
    • OpenView integration and support
  • End user remediation


When will this be announced?

We’ll be announcing this to the public on October 10, 2018.  Partners will get a sneak preview in the October Rivercast on October 3rd for EMEA and Americas and on October 4th for Asia Pacific.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the SteelCentral Partner Page for additional information.

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