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See Your March and Q1 FY18 Rise Progress

The Riverbed Rise Dividends Dashboard showing your March earnings and the full Q1 2018 are now available on the Partner Center.

You will be able to see four dashboard components:

  1. Progress to Partner Level – Shows the estimated number of dividends earned from July 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, in a “speed-gauge” format that indicates how far you are from the next Riverbed Rise level.
  2. Dividends by Achievement Area – Provides the number of earned dividends across the Achievement areas of Customer Acquisition, Account Penetration, XaaS and Trained Resources.
  3. Dividends by Month – Shows the estimated dividends earned each month and segments the data by Achievement Area.
  4. Dividends this Quarter – Shows the estimated dividends earned during the current quarter. Final quarterly dividends are calculated at the end of the quarter. These dividends will convert to rewards valued at $100 per dividend at the end of the quarter.

You will receive a communication by May 15th highlighting your total Rise reward for Q1. Elite and Premier partners will also be able to see the allocation between BIF and cash rebates and the timeline for payment and BIF expiration.

Please note that only Partner resources with an “Admin” profile will be able to access the full view of the dashboard.

If you don’t have an Admin profile, you can request one by sending an email to