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Riverbed will be discontinuing Silver level support SKUs

Riverbed Technology hereby announces the discontinuance of Silver level maintenance and support services.  Our primary motivation is to improve the customer experience by eliminating RMA surprises associated with Silver level return to factory services.

Silver level support and SKUs will no longer be available for sale effective August 7, 2019. Partners may continue to order Silver level SKUs from Riverbed through August 6, 2019. Valid Silver level agreements with start dates prior to August 7, 2019 will be honored through their expiration date; all renewals occurring after August 7th, 2019 will require the purchase of one of Riverbed’s then-current support offerings.

Riverbed currently provides the following support options for its products: Gold level support, Gold Plus level support, and Platinum level support.  Riverbed’s support offerings allow customers to choose the appropriate support level that fits their specific requirements, IT needs, and business goals.

We see an opportunity to align ourselves with an industry practice similar to our peers who are focusing support offerings on premium same and next day services. In keeping with this industry practice, our intention is that customers will enjoy an enhanced experience that comes with our Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum services.

This announcement is intended to allow you to start the planning for the transition from Silver to Gold level support.  Please refer to this End-of-Availability (EOA) Product Notice for a list of all impacted Silver level SKUs.  For now, please note that any new transactions quoted after August 7th, 2019 will not allow Silver level support.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact your Channel Manager or Support Renewal Representative. ​​ 

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