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Riverbed Rise Program Updates

BIF evolution is here!

We have greatly increased the list of eligible activities for utilizing your Business Investment Funds (BIF). With the evolution of BIF we are now best aligned to support your business needs to execute activities across Customer Awareness, Demand Generation, Partner Development and Partner Enablement.

Additional enhancements to BIF include a one-step claim process, where pre-approvals are only required for a custom project and funded head requests, an additional 30 days after the BIF expiration date to submit claims, and partners must indicate if the BIF activity is Riverbed Reach as it is no longer listed as an activity. As per the established process, partners must execute pre-qualified activities before the BIF expiration date and must submit claims for approval and reimbursement via the online Partner Funds tool.

Please review the updated BIF Guide, the BIF FAQ and the related BIF Overview for full details on these important changes and to find links to relevant resources.

Authorized partners will continue to be able to utilize their BIF funds for Training only.

Remember that on December 31st, 2018 your BIF rewards earned in Q1 2018, will expire. Reach out to your CSM today and develop a plan for best utilization of your rewards to drive a strong Q4 with Riverbed.

November estimated dividends will be available on your Dashboard in Partner Center in mid-December. Only partners with an “Admin” profile can access the Dashboards section. If your organization does not have any Admins set up in Partner Center, please send an email to

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