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Riverbed Rise Partner Program Transition

We are entering a crucial period for Riverbed Rise. Make sure you review and track the following key Rise deadlines and actions.

Full Program Transition Is August 1st
Starting August 1, 2018 (with two exceptions noted below), you will assume your initial Level assignment in Rise, based on your Dividend accumulation over the 12 months of 2H 2017 and 1H 2018.

Please review the Riverbed Rise Levels:

Riverbed Rise Level Dividends Eligible Rewards
Elite 400 and above Combination of Business Investment Fund (BIF) and cash rebates
Premier 35 to 399 Combination of Business Investment Fund (BIF) and cash rebates
Authorized 0 to 34 BIF for Training only

• Xirrus partners will be assigned a new Program Level only if they are eligible to move to a higher level; otherwise, their full transition into Riverbed Rise will take place in the January 2019 Program Annual Evaluation Period.
• US Federal partners will fully transition on November 1, 2018

Don’t forget that if you fall short of your desired Level this time around, you have the opportunity to be promoted quarterly – and the first promotion opportunity is just around the corner (45 days after start of Q4, reflecting Dividend accumulation from Oct. 1, 2017 through to Sep. 30, 2018.

For further details on the Rise performance review cycle, please consult the Program Framework and Details Supplement.

Please note that only designated Admin and Reward Contact(s), can access your Dividends Dashboard on Partner Center. If you are not an Admin, please reach out to to request an admin profile.

Key Upcoming Rise Dates
• Week of July 16 – June Dividends Estimates on your Dividends Dashboard on Partner Center
• Week of July 23 – Q2 Rise Dividends Statement issued
• August 1 – Rise Full Transition
• August 15 – Rewards Allocation choice deadline for 2H (Elite and Premier only)
• Week of August 20 – July Dividends Estimates on your dividends dashboard on Partner Center

Steps to Make Your Allocation Choice
The deadline for Elite and Premier partners to choose how to allocate their 2H 2018 rewards between BIF (minimum 50%) and Cash Rebates is August 15th.
• If you’re happy with your existing allocation, you don’t need to take any action.
• If you’d like to change your allocation percentage or you missed the 1H 2018 deadline (and therefore had all your rewards allocated to BIF), please take action before the deadline so the allocation will be reflected in your Q3 and Q4 rewards pay-out.

Please consult this step-by-step guide to help you make the allocation choice.

You can also hear a detailed walk through of what’s coming by listening to the June 2018 Rivercast session: “Riverbed Rise – Getting Ready For Full Program Transition Together” available on demand.

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