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Riverbed Rise Delivers an Almost Ten-fold Increase in Rewards to Partners Compared to Last Year!

Looking at the extraordinary ten-fold increase in partners rewards for Q1 2018 performance, compared to the same period in 2017, Riverbed Rise is making a huge impact!

Our partners are smartly reaping the rewards by aligning their sales motion to Riverbed’s four strategic Achievements Areas: Customer Acquisition, Account Penetration, offering XaaS and continuing to build capabilities in Trained Resources.

On August 1 Riverbed Rise will come fully into effect, and the total earned dividends in 2H 2017 and 1H 2018 will define partner levels, as follows:

Rise Level Dividends
Elite 400 and above
Premier 35 to 399
Authorized 0 to 34

Get focused on the best ways to maximize your dividend earning potential to assure your program level discount in Riverbed Rise moving forward. Our most successful partners are boosting their performance by:

  • Leading customer sales engagements to Refresh or Trade-Up existing customer installed base and deploy managed or subscription services (XaaS).
  • Taking advantage of the enormous market opportunity for End User Experience solutions often leveraging the unique value of Aternity to address customers’ visibility blind-spots.
  • Combining Achievement Areas, such as: “Customer Acquisition and XaaS,” worth a total of 8 dividends for each $10K of net sales bookings, and “Account Penetration and XaaS,” worth a total of 5 dividends for each $10K of net sales bookings.

As a brief reminder, here’s how partners can earn Riverbed Rise dividends (for full details see the Riverbed Rise Dividends and Rewards Supplement):

Achievement Area Metrics – Net Sales Booking (NSB) Dividends
Customer Acquisition Accounts new or not active in 2 years 5 for each $10K NSB
Account Penetration Portfolio Products 2 for each $10K NSB
Refresh or Trade-Up 2 for each $10K NSB
  Support Renewals* 3 for each $10K NSB
XaaS Managed Services & Subscription 3 for each $10K NSB
Trained Resources Certification 3 for each Certification
Accreditations 1 for every 2 Accreditations

* > 70% On-Time Support Renewal Rate

Let’s continue to Rise together!
Please contact your Channel Sales Manager to discover how you can increase your earnings from Riverbed Rise, securing your program level and assuring margin-rich sales for the rest of 2018.