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Riverbed Rise 2019: Fine-Tuning a Strong Program

Last year, we unveiled Riverbed Rise, the result of a major innovation of our partner program. We’re thrilled at how you received the simplicity, flexibility and profitability embedded in the program and we committed to regularly enhancing Riverbed Rise keep it relevant to our business and continue to deliver value to you.

That’s why Riverbed Rise is being fine-tuned! After a highly successful first year, we’re introducing several tweaks that align the program even more closely to our strategic goals and key market opportunities, as well as simplifying the program further.

What’s Changing?

  • Updated Achievement Areas
  • Bookings Measurement Definition
  • Adjustments to Support and Maintenance Discounts

Updated Achievement Areas

Rise will still include four Achievement Areas for which you can earn dividends.

We’re changing the broader Portfolio Products area to one focused specifically on DEM and SD-WAN. This ties incentives to our key strategic focus products, and your greatest market opportunities.

We’re replacing the XaaS Achievement Area with a new Partner-Initiated metric. This rewards you for business you’ve brought to us on your own.

Here’s the list of updated Achievement Areas:

Achievement Area Metrics Dividends
DEM and SD-WAN USD $10,000

Net ACV Bookings Amount per quarter

Customer Acquisition 1
Partner-Initiated 1
Trained Resources 1 new RCPE Certification within a given quarter 3
2 new Accreditations within a given quarter 1

Bookings Measurement Definition

In calculating dividends under the Achievement Areas we’ve revised the definition of Net Sales Bookings to Net Annual Contract Value (ACV) Bookings to more closely align with revenue streams and accurately reflect what we measure.  Net ACV Bookings are bookings realized by Riverbed during the initial twelve (12) month period of an End User contract.

Adjustment to Support and Maintenance Discounts

We’re making Support and Maintenance (Category B) eligible for Deal Registration and adjusted the standard discount to 10% across all partner level, while opportunities with Deal Registration will have a 20% discount.

In addition, we’ve increased the Multi-Year Support Contract for Support and Maintenance (Category B) and RASP Support (Category K) to 3% for 2 years and 5% for 3 years of more.

More Information?

Be sure to view the April Rivercast that gives a detailed explanation of the new Rise enhancements.  All updated Riverbed Rise guides and supplements are available on Partner Center. Please refer to the Transition FAQ that provides details on all changes or contact your distributor or your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager.

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