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Q1 2019 Rise Quarterly Statements Available May 15

If you have earned dividends in Q1 2019, you will receive your Rise Quarterly statement summarizing your earned dividends on May 15. Please note that this communication will be sent only to contacts identified as Admin, Rewards Contact, or Primary Contact on SFDC. If you have questions about the status of your contact identification or need help setting up an Admin, Rewards Contact, or Primary Contact profile, please email to ensure that you receive the Q1 2019 Quarterly Statement.

Rise Dividend Dashboard

The Rise Dividend Dashboard shows you estimated Dividends for Bookings and Trained Resources and can be searched by quarter. These amounts are estimates and will vary slightly from what is presented on the final Quarterly Dividend Statement. To view the Rise Dividend Dashboards, you must be designated as an Admin user. If you have questions about setting up an Admin profile, contact If you have questions about Dividends generally, access the Riverbed Rise Dividend and Rewards Supplement.

Updated Claim Policies and Protocols for BIF and MDF

We have updated claim policies with respect to BIF and MDF. If you have filed a claim and do not submit the required Proof of Performance (PoP), your claim will be placed on hold. During the grace period, you can expect friendly reminders from both E2Open and Channel Ops to provide the PoP documentation within the 30 day claim window. Please be sure to provide the PoP by the due date specified in the communication from Channel Ops to ensure that your claim is honored.

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