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Q2 Rise Rewards Update

If you earned dividends in the last quarter (Q2 2018), you should have received your Q2 Rewards Statement back on August 17th. Please reach out to your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager if you have any questions about your statement.

Please note Q2 Reward rebate payments and BIF deposits were made on August 31st. Please make sure you have identified at least two Rewards Contact on Partner Center to facilitate receipt of Rewards. If you have any questions about setting up your Rewards Contact, please send an email to

Operational Update: Small Deals $10,000 or Below

Starting immediately, you no longer need to register opportunities of $10,000 or less. This is part of our continuous effort to increase operational efficiency and business velocity.  Just tell the Riverbed account team to create the opportunity – and if the opportunity is less than $10K in value to Riverbed, the higher level discounts will be applied. You can still register these deals if you don’t know the account team or want to ensure you have the other benefits deal registration provides. This is one way we are working to save you time and allow you to get quotes sooner.


Rise Program Changes Effective September 7

On August 9, we announced two program changes, the first is the introduction of a Maximum Reward Payout per Opportunity, while the second pertains to potential withholding of dividend earnings for deals with high Non-Standard Discount (NSD). Let’s look at the two changes in more details.

  1. Quarterly Rewards Payout Maximum

Based on this change the Dividends you can earn for any single opportunity are capped at the highest combination of eligible achievement areas up to a maximum of US$5,000,000 Net Sales Bookings.

This does not change the current Rise total maximum Reward payout you can earn in a quarter, which remains at US$500,000.  Please review this FAQ for more details.

  1. Dividend Earnings for Non-Standard Discounts (NSD)

We may withhold dividend earnings on any deal or opportunity with a Non-Standard Discount (NSD). Most partner programs, including our previous Riverbed Performance Partner Program, contain standard clauses like this one that allow us to review and apply this rule only in situations where deals are deeply discounted, to ensure program profitability.

This change does not affect any deal with an existing NSD quote that was approved prior to September 7, 2018, and that closes by September 30, 2018.

How will Partners know if/when Riverbed will apply this clause?

Because we are committed to transparency in all our dealings with our Partners, we have put a review process in place to identify all opportunities that exceed the established Discount Threshold:

  • For new NSDs with a Reseller Blended Discount that is equal or above 65%, a Partner may not earn eligible Dividends on the opportunity.

Partners will be notified at the time of the NSD request if an opportunity has a discount above the threshold. Moreover you can request to understand what your Reseller Blended Discount is for an opportunity from your Distributor at any time.

Please take the time to review the Rise Dividend Earnings for NSD FAQ for Partners to help address any questions you may have, or please contact your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager or Riverbed Distributor.

September Rivercast: Marketing Enablement for Riverbed Partners

Join us on September 18th (Americas and EMEA) and 19th (Asia Pacific) to hear how you can enhance and accelerate your current pipeline generation efforts with marketing campaigns and tools from Riverbed.

In case you missed it, you can listen to August’s Rivercast about important SteelHead SD updates on demand here, and a special August Xirrus webcast for partners on demand here.


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