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RCPE – Ready to Take Your Professional Certification Exam?

The Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) program is the first of its kind training curriculum that teaches career-based skills and capabilities in digital performance.

All of the RCPE professional exams are now live in Pearson Vue. In order to become a digital performance engineering expert, and sit for an RCPE Professional Certification exam you must attend the required RCPE online training:

  • Online learning: Performance Foundations and the related Associate track that is available free to Partners through Partner Center.
  • Classroom training: for the Professional level course(s).

Follow the links below for specific requirements for each RCPE Professional level certification exam. Exams require taking the Professional course.

When you are certain that you qualify, request a Private Access Code (PAC) from specifying which RCPE Professional Certification exam you wish to attempt.

You will need the PAC in order to register for the exam at Pearson VUE.  A PAC is non-shareable code, valid only for the exam requested. Completion of your pre-requisites will be verified before your PAC is issued.

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