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Rise Q2 Reward Statements and Deal Registration Process Improvements

Rise Q2 Reward Statements 

Partners who have earned dividends in Q2 2019 will receive their quarterly Company statement summarizing their earned dividends and rewards details on August 15. Please note that if a partner has no current contact identified as ‘Admin’, ‘Rewards Contact’ or ‘Primary Contact’ on SFDC, they will not receive this communication. 

Deal Registration Process Improvements

In the next couple weeks, we will release some exciting process changes around our deal registration form within the Partner Center. These changes improve efficiency to the current process and give you more options on how you would like to submit your deal registrations.

Here are some key benefits that you will find in this release:

  1. Option to select to submit the deal registration for an existing opportunity.
    • On selecting “Yes” on the Yes/No picklist under “Deal Registration is for an existing opportunity” the “Open Opportunities” field will auto-populate all your open sales opportunities with the end customer you selected so that you can select which existing opportunity you would like the deal registration to be attached to.
  1. You will now be able to mark the deal registration as “Refresh” or “Trade Up”.
    • Your selection will automatically be populated on the opportunity once the deal registration is approved.
  1. Enhance End Customer information selection – You will still be able to select from the list of customer you’ve done business with but you also now have the ability to select a different account where you had no prior opportunities with as well.
    • If you wish to select a different account that you have no prior opportunities with, you must select the country first, fill out the first 3 characters in the expanded search box which will then display a list of accounts to select based on that country you’ve selected.
    • If an account is not found, you will be able to select new/other which gives you the ability to enter the new end customer information.

      Please note: this may increase the approval time as it will require manual review, for faster turnaround we recommend selecting an existing account where available.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to reach out to us at:

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