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New SteelCentral xx80 Trade Up Program Offers Dramatic Incentives

With the new SteelCentral xx80 appliances released in March, it should come as no surprise that Riverbed is following up with a new trade up program to help you refresh your customer’s legacy and xx70 SteelCentral AppResponse, NetProfiler and Flow Gateway solutions. 

This time around we are providing even more attractive incentives to encourage customers to adopt the new xx80 appliances. These incentives include financial benefit as well as great new features and faster, more powerful hardware.

To be more specific, the SteelCentral AppResponse xx80 appliances provide the following ample benefits:

  • 30-40% increase in performance in key areas versus comparable xx70 models
  • 25%-50% higher storage capacity
  • New 100GbE NIC card
  • New 120TB Storage Unit for a total of 1.92 PB of storage
  • Ability to upgrade the AppResponse 8180 appliance to a larger, more powerful appliance simply by adding an additional license so you can address your growing needs while preserving your investment
  • Ability to deploy the AppResponse 8180 Plus without Storage Units for customers interested only in metrics analysis (i.e., ASA, WTA, etc.)

While the new SteelCentral NetProfiler / Flow Gateway appliances provide even greater capabilities:

  • 50% increase in scale with a maximum support of 30M flow per minute (FPM)
  • Seamless growth path by simply adding FPM licenses and Expansion modules. No need to replace hardware or licenses.
  • 30% increase in reporting performance resulting from a four-times increase in RAM, plus solid state drives (SSD) with spinning disk storage for balanced speed and retention
  • Supports 2x the number of simultaneously running reports
  • Hardware RAID for speed and reliability
  • Supports double the preferred interfaces (2,000)
  • Ability to economically add Expansion modules prior to reaching the maximum deduplicated or raw FPM values for added performance and/or data retention
  • 33% reduction in physical rack space requirements

Leverage attractive financial incentives

Financial incentives are significantly higher than ever before. The customer gets credit for each appliance they trade up. But, make sure you pay attention to the deadlines because they differ for the two products:


  • If you act before June 30, 2020, you will receive approximately 35%1 credit toward your xx80. Wait until July 2020 or later, and the credit drops to approximately 8%1 per appliance traded up.

NetProfiler / Flow Gateway

  • If you act before December 1, 2019, you will receive approximately 35%1 credit. Wait until December 2, 2019 or later, and the credit drops to approximately 8%1 per appliance traded up.

Trade up guidelines

Keep in mind, when customers participate in the SteelCentral trade-up program, they will need to:

To learn more about the SteelCentral xx80 trade up program, watch the training.

Variations in credit may occur for certain models and may be less than stated.

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