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Looking to sell more? Try SteelSupport for Large Enterprise

Looking for a level of service that keeps you focused on selling and out of problem ticketing and escalations?

SteelSupport™ for Large Enterprise may be right for you.

Digital infrastructure has become crucial to an enterprise’s ability to compete, and any degradation in performance has serious implications to you and your customers. How do you ensure Riverbed solutions are always optimized to perform at their best, and return to peak performance as quickly as possible when there are problems?

Today’s hyper-efficient digital performance solutions unleash their full potential when they operate at maximum effectiveness. We can help you do just that with our Riverbed SteelSupport™ for Large Enterprise offering.

What is SteelSupport for Large Enterprise?

SteelSupport is a customer success solution that goes beyond traditional break-fix coordination by providing proactive, fast track escalation support and a primary point of contact; an Advanced Support Engineer with a deep understanding of the customer’s network, objectives, challenges and implementation.

Why should you sell this service?

In addition to enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) response times that are 2X faster than standard support helping to minimize customer lost revenues due to down time, SteelSupport for Large Enterprise advanced support accounts average 44% higher product, services and maintenance bookings growth over other standard support accounts.

What is the target market?

This service should be targeted to enterprise and large accounts with a typical annual spend (product + support) of $2.5M+.

How much is it?

The list price is $150,000 (SKU: MNT-RASDES-MIX on Riverbed’s monthly price list).

Ready to get started?

Read the Product Brochure, watch the short video and collaborate with your Riverbed Renewals contact on the best strategy to engage your customer.

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