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How to Take Control of Your Network

End-to-end network visibility helps CIOs make strategic decisions, accelerate troubleshooting, and best of all, improve end-user experiences.

Read Jason Hatch’s post on our partner BT’s blog to learn how to take control of your network and how delivering a great customer experience depends on your network visibility.

As the Riverbed Global Alliance Director focused on BT, Jason points out that visibility solutions give global enterprises a managed and cost-effective way to deliver the very best user experience as part of their digital transformation journey, citing specific use cases. And because they can be delivered as-a-Service, it helps reduce capital expenditure and allows services to be flexed as demand changes.

The post concludes with a link to the webinar “Transforming to a digital network – How are you measuring success?”, featuring Riverbed’s Mark Jopling and others on how to obtain full end-to-end performance visibility and control of global applications and network infrastructure.

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