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How to Gain Competitive Advantage Early in the RFP Process


Riverbed Xirrus solutions are designed to meet today’s insatiable demands for Wi-Fi access. Educate your customers on the key requirements to build a true digital performance driven wireless network. Take advantage of your strong relationships in your account to influence RFPs to include highly differentiated capabilities. This is a sure way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Riverbed Xirrus is not another “Me Too” wireless solution. It ensures the digital performance to meet today’s mobility requirements with a highly differentiated offering that goes beyond the competition.

Riverbed Xirrus solutions scale and adapt to the real-time demands of all-wireless connectivity, ensuring the quality of experience necessary to take full advantage of mobile access in any environment. Our wireless solutions are simple, secure and scalable to deploy and operate. Designed to handle the mission-critical requirements of today’s networks created by the cloud, BYOD, and IoT, Xirrus addresses wireless infrastructure needs from the most basic to the most demanding.

What Makes Riverbed Xirrus Different:

  • Next Generation Cloud Management – A highly flexible and scalable multi-tenant platform built from ground up that sets the bar for the industry in simplicity.
  • Application Intelligence – Powerful deep packet inspection and policy engine on every AP to ensure the network reflects business needs. Prioritize, block, rate limit and schedule policies on over 2000 applications in the AP.
  • Software-Defined – Industry’s broadest portfolio of software-defined Wi-Fi solutions allows you to adapt your network to match usage and boost your network capacity instantly.
  • Microsoft and Google Integration – Eliminate complex access control systems with single-sign-on integration to simplify user access. Riverbed is the only industry solution that provides SSO with both Microsoft Azure and Google G-suite.
  • Highest Client Density – Riverbed Xirrus is the only solution offering both 2-radio and high density 4-radio APs. The 4-radio solutions support the highest client density per AP in the industry, reducing equipment requirements and lowering overall system costs.
  • End User Visibility – Integration with SteelCentral Aternity provides powerful in-depth view of end user experience to speed and simplify problem assessment and root cause analysis.
  • Unified Management – Manage Riverbed SD-WAN, switching and Wi-Fi from a single console with zero-touch provisioning for a powerful and scalable management experience.
  • Highly Scalable Location Services – Distributed location system operates directly in the network of APs, identifying device location in seconds and scaling up to 100,000 devices in a single system.
  • Architectural superiority – Distributed intelligence with an integrated controller in every AP delivers superior performance and eliminates single points of failure, both drawbacks of centralized controller architectures.


How to turn differentiation into RFP lockout requirements!

Armed with the above differentiators, your goal is to convince your customers to include these as requirements in their RFP questionnaires.

For example, inclusion of “Access points should support 4 Wi-Fi user servicing radios to support high client densities” would eliminate all competitors if this is made a requirement.

Similarly, inclusion of “Wi-Fi should support SSO with Microsoft Azure to enable migration of productivity applications to Office 365” would put every other vendor at a significant disadvantage.

And finally, “Wi-Fi should integrate with end user experience visibility tools to facilitate end user troubleshooting” will pave your way against every solution.

Next time you get wind that your customer is planning to create an RFP, seed the requirements for a true high-performance wireless network. Download this lock out features document from the Xirrus section of Riverbed’s Partner Center to assist your customers in writing RFP questionnaires. Inclusion of just one or two of these requirements would give you significant advantage over competitors from the very early stage.

Reach out to your Channel Sales Managers or pre-sales support if you have questions on Riverbed Xirrus differentiations and how it relates to Wi-Fi requirements.


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