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Meet the New Riverbed: ‘The Digital Performance Company’

We are delighted to share with you some great news! Riverbed is re-branding its identity to ‘The Digital Performance Company’.  This change better reflects the real value and impact of Riverbed solutions in the market today – one that enables organizations to maximize digital performance across every aspect of their business, to push boundaries and rethink what is possible.  More importantly, this rebranding will help us collectively to reach a broader audience in the digital business world.

Along with our new branding, Riverbed is also unveiling an updated logo with a more modern and contemporary style that reflects our positioning on digital performance.

This is an exciting and critical time for our industry, for Riverbed and our partners. With digital transformation now being a key driver for our mutual customers success, we have strategically invested and grown in the areas of our business that will enable you to continue to grow, with Riverbed as a key component of your own value proposition.  And it reflects our continued commitment to our Partners and Riverbed Rise that we announced earlier this year.

As you continue to build and offer a range of digital performance solutions and services, a broader and stronger Riverbed digital performance portfolio is available to you to address your customers’ digital transformation needs. Our new identity reflects our new strategic direction and, together with our partners, enables us to capture new areas of growth with our Cloud Networking, Digital Experience and Cloud Edge Portfolio.

What is Digital Performance?

Since our inception, Riverbed has helped customers rethink what is possible by shrinking distance. However, for organizations to thrive in the digital economy, success today is defined by performance that extends beyond speed. True digital performance that customers care about today includes competing effectively, providing seamless customer experiences, minimizing downtime, flexibility and integration across devices, networks and applications with a high degree of agility.

Today, Riverbed provides a fully unified and integrated platform – the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform – that brings together a powerful combination of Digital Experience, Cloud Networking and Cloud Edge solutions. The platform provides a modern IT architecture for the digital enterprise, delivering new levels of operational agility and dramatically accelerating business performance and outcomes. Riverbed’s platform ties closely the direct link between digital performance and business performance – which is ultimately what matters most to our customers!

What Does This Mean to You?

Coupled with our evolving solutions portfolio and Riverbed Rise, this new identity is designed to enable every partner to deliver superior digital performance solutions. With your Riverbed portfolio, you’ll be better equipped to become a trusted advisor for your customers’ digital transformation strategy. And most importantly, the greater awareness that this market positioning will attract will directly increase opportunities for your sales teams so you can start new conversations that help customers and prospects rethink what is possible with Riverbed.

Changing our Identify

Changing our identity is a big task, and we’ll need everyone’s help. Please take a moment to visit and become familiar with the new identity, leverage this opportunity to reposition your Riverbed propositions in the market and win big.

In the coming days and weeks, visit the Partner Center for more information and materials to deliver the digital performance message to your customers.

There you will find:

  • Partner FAQs to answer your questions about the change
  • Digital Performance PowerPoint presentation specifically for partners


We look forward to being a part of business transformation and success for you and the organizations you help.

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Today our partner, @Riverbed, launched their Digital Performance Platform and new brand identity, delivering greater customer value and growth opportunities. #RethinkPossible


Today our partner, Riverbed, launched their Digital Performance Platform and new brand identity, delivering greater customer value and growth opportunities to rethink possible.

It’s time to Rise!

Bridget Bisnette
VP, Riverbed Global Channels and Commercial Sales

Subbu Iyer
CMO, Riverbed