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Fulfilling Our Data Security Promise

Fulfilling Our Promise: Protecting Your Data on Riverbed Reach
Riverbed knows that you care about how your information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously. For Riverbed Reach members, whether you implement marketing campaigns with our self-service platform or opt for concierge campaign services, rest assured that your data is safe.

The Riverbed Reach Partner Demand Center has implemented key data security measures to protect all members including:

  • SSL Communication: 100% of your web traffic is protected on pages of the Riverbed Reach application after logging in.
  • Updated Session Security: Riverbed Reach session security has been dramatically upgraded, eliminating the risk of harmful takeover of user accounts. This means users will not be able to gain access to accounts by copying/pasting or following another user’s URL into the system.
  • Server Upgrades: In early May 2017, the Riverbed Reach marketing automation service provider’s operating system, web servers and security infrastructure upgrades were implemented.
  • Qualys SSL Lab Test: The Riverbed Reach marketing automation service provider achieved a Grade A with zero vulnerabilities, their highest SSL security rate. This means passing rigorous security and penetration tests by multiple 3rd parties – assuring that your data is protected against malicious attacks such as XSS, CSRF, and others.

When you sign-up for Riverbed Reach access, you will have the opportunity to review the end user licensing agreement for the platform. Section 3.2 confirms that you retain all rights, title and interest to your data and that your data will not be disclosed to any third party in raw or disaggregated form.

As a user of the Platform, you or your employees might choose to upload your customer mailing list to our Platform. You might also use landing pages to capture new leads from email or other digital marketing activities (with your customer mailing list, this information is “Customer Data”). All of this Customer Data is yours.

We understand you may still have questions regarding Riverbed Reach data security. Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions for your consideration.

Can Riverbed use my data? Absolutely not! Riverbed agrees to the same security standard and privacy policy terms and is prohibited from using your data for any reason other than to help you with your own sales and marketing initiatives, with your consent.

Has there ever been any complaints on data leaks or misuse? The marketing automation provider for Riverbed Reach has been in business since 1999 and has no reports of any data leaks or breaches of customer privacy.

How do you ensure that my data is well protected?  The Riverbed Reach marketing automation provider applies industry standard practices to make sure their software and your data are protected.

Can I delete my data? Yes, if you ever decide to close your account with Riverbed Reach you can login to your account and delete all customer information and Customer Data you uploaded or generated on the platform. We will not keep a copy of your data and will erase it after a reasonable amount of time from our backup and disaster recovery sites.

Riverbed Reach is also looking ahead to GPDR, the primary law regulating how companies protect EU citizens’ personal data due to take effect May 25, 2018. Given the importance of GDPR to the channel’s business, we plan to dedicate an entire future column to the topic.

The security of your personal information and data is important to us. The Riverbed Reach marketing automation provider StructuredWeb’s privacy policy and legal terms of use are available for your review at any time.