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Fraudulent Email Alert

It is important to highlight that two of our global Riverbed partners have recently received emails from a “” source, which turned out to be fraudulent.   Given this, we want to call out the possibility of you receiving an email or communication like this and ask that you please place your teams on notice.

The fraudulent emails asked the partners to hold payments for further follow-up or asked that payment be re-directed to a banking institution other than Riverbed.

Please be aware of this type of correspondence, which is unfortunately a reality in today’s world. If you receive a communication asking you to hold payment or remit payment to a different banking institution than normal, please reach out to your standard Riverbed contact immediately at our previously established and validated phone numbers and email accounts.  We will ask for you to send the original email to us so we can report to our security experts.

Thanks for your support on this.

If you have any questions, please contact Marty Connall, Riverbed Director of WW Credit and Collections (415) 344-4483.

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