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Exciting Updates for the 2018 RASP Program

The new 2018 Riverbed Authorized Support Partners (RASP) Performance Based Program is now live and delivering additional discounts and quarterly high performer business investment rewards to our RASP partners.

The RASP program is an investment made by Riverbed to ensure strategic services relationships with our partners. Our RASP partners create profitable annuity revenue streams, acquire new customer logos and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

As shown in the RASP Program Guide, the program has two levels, RASP Advanced and RASP Fundamental. The main difference to these levels is the method that the partner delivers their 24-hour support service and certification requirements.

The RASP level can be applied to a partner in a territory, a group of territories or a region, for example EMEA or as a global RASP partner.

In addition, we are offering RASP authorizations across Riverbed’s portfolio of solution tracks. This now includes NEW RASP authorizations for Xirrus, Aternity and SteelConnect product architectures.

RASP Authorization RASP Authorization Training (Partner Portal) Accreditation
RASP-W WAN Optimization Riverbed Training curriculum RCPE Associate and Professional
RASP-NPM Network Infrastructure Riverbed Training curriculum RCPE Associate and Professional
RASP-APM End User Experience and Application Visibility Riverbed Training curriculum RCPE Associate and Professional
RASP-SD Virtualization and Storage Riverbed Training curriculum RCPE Associate and Professional
RASP-SDW* Network Configuration Riverbed Training curriculum

RASP Support SteelConnect troubleshooting workshop

RCPE Associate
RASP-WL (Xirrus)* Wireless LAN Riverbed Technical Sales Specialist – Wireless LAN (Online) RTSS-WL
RASP-EE (Aternity)* End User Experience EUE-BF – SteelCentral Aternity Bootcamp (4 days)

RASP Support Aternity troubleshooting workshop

Aternity Partner Technical Support Accreditation Exam

* The new RASP authorizations, in the table above, will initially contain elements of non-standard training and certification to meet the requirements as part of the RASP assessment and authorization process. Once formal training and certification is available as part of the RCPE training and certification program, then the certification requirements will revert back to RCPE Associate and Professional.

From a RASP requirements perspective, we expect a RASP partner to have trained dedicated support teams including certified resources, support infrastructure, systems and support escalation processes. They will be providing support to other vendors and keen to add Riverbed to their support portfolio.

For any partner that is interested in joining the program, the process to become a RASP partner includes the following steps:

  • Partner to review the RASP Program Guide to understand the program requirements, determine the level of investment required to join the program and make contact with your Channel Sales Manager
  • Partner to complete the RASP Support Business Plan to support the application for a pre-approval to proceed with Riverbed Support Leadership
    • Program qualification would include evaluating partner’s sales track records, key customers, size of installed-base, geographical coverage, support offerings, historical cases review, feedback from sales and support
  • RASP Program Manager to engage partner to run through program details, identify gaps and discuss the next steps
  • Partner to complete and submit the RASP Checklist and RASP Skills Matrix to RASP Program Manager for review to identify any gap and determine support readiness
  • RASP Program Manager to schedule a suitable date and time for audit and review
  • Partner to fulfil the requirements of the audit including completing all required certification and lab facility.
  • RASP Program Manager will prepare a summary of the audit and recommendations for final approval to promote the new partner

To hear more about the program you can listen to a RASP Introduction Video.

We are very excited about the 2018 RASP program offering and are keen to talk to existing and potential new partners about how to best leverage the RASP Program.

For any questions please email