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Ease of Doing Business with Riverbed – Project SWIFT update

  • Remind me, what is Project SWIFT?

Project SWIFT is a Riverbed cross-functional initiative focused on making it easy to do business at and with Riverbed.  The project is on track and soon we aim to provide visibility into the 2019-20 roadmap.

  • What’s new?  Fast Track – Deal Registration Process Improvement

Our New Fast Track deal registration process has been to help accelerate approvals and opportunity creation in non-named accounts. This is one small step of many in Project SWIFT!

As of October 19th Riverbed Sales approval isn’t required for all deal registrations. Partners do not need to do anything differently.

Fast Track Deal Registration is a streamlined process for specific deals that we’ve put in place based on feedback collected from partners and Riverbed employees as part of project Swift.

What is the goal of Fast Track Deal Registration?

Fast Track Deal Registration aims to accelerate the Deal Registration approval and the creation of opportunities on unpenetrated Commercial (Territory) accounts to reduce turnaround time and increase win rates.

How does Fast Track Deal Registration Work?

Partners will continue to submit all deal registrations to Riverbed via the Partner Center.

What’s changing?:

  • Fast Track eligible deals will be approved and immediately converted to an opportunity by the Deal Reg Team (DRT). This will allow partners to quote and close deals sooner as well as reduce the administrative review on these Deal Registration leads which previously routed to the sales team for approval.
  • Ineligible deals (Named, US Fed, and Retention accounts) will continue to flow through the standard Deal Registration process.

What makes a deal Fast Track eligible? 


  • The Customer Account is Acquire/Develop 1, 2 (orange box below) and there are either no open opportunities or all open opportunities are aligned to the registering VAR.
  • The Customer Account is Acquire 1, 2, or 3 (blue box below) when Xirrus is the only product interest and no other registered Xirrus opportunity exists.
  • The Deal Registration has been converted from a lead-to-partner lead.


Oct FY18 Definition of Acquire 1,2 & 3 & Development 1 & 2 accounts.


Questions about Project SWIFT or Fast Track? Reach out to the Project SWIFT team: Chris Burger, Prabhakar Ponugoti, and Meg Brennan.



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