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Digital is Critical to Future Business Success: How do your customers and prospects measure up?

Organizations worldwide are seeking a competitive edge to push them over the top. In order to succeed, it is critical that they focus on modernizing their business and delivering a digital experience that sets them apart.

According to IDC, within the next three years, more than 50% of global GDP will come from digital services, with digitally-enhanced offerings, operations, and cooperative relationships driving growth in every industry. At the same time, more than half of organizations are in a digital deadlock, trying to get from mere strategy to success.

It’s both an exciting and daunting time for global business decision makers (BDMs) tasked with making the critical investments needed to support their digital initiatives. It’s not a question of if companies will embrace digital, it’s a question of when, how, and how fast. IDC estimates that by the end of 2021, global capital expenditure for investments in digital services is expected to reach US $2.1 trillion.

The path forward is clear for IT — a digital evolution, in which enabling technologies can propel an organization ahead in their market. These include cloud 2.0, mobile, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, to name a few. However, an overwhelming number of decision makers admit that there is a performance gap due to poor visibility into the user’s digital experience, budget pressures, and legacy network infrastructure that limit digital performance.

To better understand where companies are in their progression toward digital strategy execution, Riverbed Technology commissioned a study that surveyed over 1,000 BDMs from around the globe at companies with $500 million or more in revenue.

The analysis provides visibility into where organizations are with their digital strategies, the challenges they’re facing, and what they need to do in order to enhance the digital experience and maximize performance.

Now you can share the results of this survey with your prospects and customers on Riverbed Reach.

The Digital Performance Global Survey campaign on Reach is intended to help you engage your customers and share the eye-opening data gathered from business decision makers to begin the digital transformation conversation. The campaign will enable you to:

  • Explore Riverbed’s Digital Performance Platform™ with customers and prospects including the digital experience and next-gen infrastructure solutions.
  • Enable customers and prospects to enact their digital strategy and close any digital performance gap.
  • Enable your customers and prospects to transform their digital experience with secure, reliable, easy to deploy and manage technology.
  • Expand the conversation with your existing customers towards the multiple benefits of Riverbed SteelConnect, all while uncovering new digital performance opportunities.

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