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Data Privacy & Demand Generation: Riverbed Reach and GDPR Compliance

In the weeks leading up to the May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective date, inboxes around the world have been overflowing with Privacy Policy updates and additional opt-in requests. There is a lot of commentary about GDPR – and some confusion – about the impact of the data privacy regulation on demand generation activities.

To answer questions you may have, or are being asked, about using Riverbed Reach and GDPR compliance, the below resources are available on-demand.

Riverbed GDPR Compliance

Riverbed’s online Privacy Resource Center is available at and aggregates various privacy-related resources, including our Privacy Policy, an overview of Riverbed’s GDPR-readiness efforts, our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) covering Riverbed products and services, and product information.

Riverbed Reach GDPR Compliance

Riverbed has reviewed the privacy practices of the third-party providers of Riverbed Reach’s demand generation marketing services and secured the necessary GDPR-related contractual assurances from such providers where necessary.

Going forward, you will notice the following when implementing Self-Service or Grab & Go demand gen campaigns with Reach:

  1. A reminder of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that govern activities as you enter your Demand Center where campaigns are implemented;
  2. A click-to-accept Data Processing and Privacy Agreement governing use in your StructuredWeb account;
  3. A reminder and validation of the Data Processing and Privacy Agreement with StructuredWeb when you perform the following:
    1. Import contacts into your account;
    2. Schedule an email to be sent; or,
    3. Schedule an email nurture series.

For those partners choosing to implement Concierge supported demand gen campaigns with Reach, all digital marketing – including Prelytix services, direct mail and inside sales services performed by Market Resource Partners (MRP) are covered by their Privacy Statement and adhere to the principles of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. You are invited to review the MRP Privacy Shield Policy at any time.

Reach Data Privacy and Security

Your customer and prospect data privacy and security remain a priority as we partner with you to drive demand for solutions powered by Reach.

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