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Support Contract Renewals – Are You at Risk?

We all know the importance and value gained from renewing existing customer Maintenance and Support (“Support”) contracts.  Support contract renewal conversations provide a great way for you to achieve your sales quota, discuss technology refresh opportunities, avoid support disruption, open up new customer conversation and solve new problems.

Support contract renewal due dates come up fast – so, it is important to stay on top of these renewals.  Effective October 1st, 2018, Riverbed will be revising the fees charged in association with lapsed Support contracts.  Currently for Support contracts which are renewed after a Support contract lapse, Riverbed standard terms require that customers pay for the Support services fees for such lapsed period plus a twenty percent (20%) charge on the applicable Support Services fees for the lapsed Support period (based on the level of Support purchased on a go-forward basis).  Effective as of October 1st, 2018, customers will pay for the Support services fees for such lapsed period plus a Reinstatement Fee equal to 10% of the Annual Contract Value (ACV) of the Support Services contract purchased on a go-forward basis.

Riverbed is focused on optimizing the customer experience and when we don’t hear from one of our valued partners on how the Support contract renewal is progressing, Riverbed may act to ensure a seamless customer experience.  Riverbed relies on our partners to renew customer Support contracts on time and keep the Riverbed Renewals team updated, but, in the rare circumstance when no action has been taken in connection with a renewal opportunity, Riverbed reserves the right to engage with the customer (either directly or with the assistance of another partner) in relation to the Support contract renewal.

Riverbed has a dedicated renewal sales team ready and available to support your contract renewal sales discussions.  We recommend that you watch this short video which explains the Riverbed Renewals Engagement process, and advises how to maximize your Support contract renewal opportunities.

For further information, please contact, or visit the Renewals page on Partner Center.

ACT NOW and continue to profit from your Contract Renewals!


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