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NEW RCPE Professional Courses Available Now

Optimizing performance has become a crucial role for IT. To help IT professionals become experts in digital performance, Riverbed launched the Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) training program. RCPE teaches the essential principals of performance engineering as well as how to apply these principles in real world scenarios. Optimizing performance has become a crucial role…

3 Keys to Using Demos as a Powerful Sales Tool

Think about how you learn. Don’t you remember more about things when you see action and are engaged in discussion? Give your customers something they’ll really remember and prove the true value of your solution with a demo.

Let us show you how to use demonstrations as an effective sales tool to close deals.

Great News about Riverbed Xirrus!

Great things are happening with Riverbed’s Xirrus Wi-Fi solution that is getting the market to re-think Cloud Networking. Use these updates in your sales conversations with your prospects and build instant credibility!

Unified Cloud Management with a Xirrus Twist

See how you can help your customer embark on the digital transformation journey with Riverbed solutions that deliver both performance and simplicity — without compromise. Catch the replay of the March Rivercast to learn how Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi delivers a holistic software defined cloud networking solution with SteelConnect and a measurable end user experience with SteelCentral Aternity.