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Digital Transformation Needs Enterprise-Class Visibility

A cloud-based containerized architecture deployed at enterprise scale is complex, with tens of thousands of linkages between microservices spanning across multiple cloud instances, and services going in and out of commission over time. To ensure that everything runs smoothly on day one of your customer’s transformed enterprise, they need an APM tool that can give complete visibility into their infrastructure and how transactions move across it. Otherwise, when things run slowly or go wrong, they won’t be able to diagnose the problem.

How Riverbed’s Unified Application Performance and End-User Experience Monitoring Helps You Grow Your Business

With the latest SteelCentral release, Riverbed has delivered unified licensing for End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). This enables partners running SteelCentral SaaS to seamlessly shift their monitoring tactics to keep up with their customers’ needs. Doing so provides a variety of business benefits to partners. This article explains how unified licensing works and how Riverbed partners can take advantage of those business benefits.