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Aternity Transition

Valued Partner, As we communicated back in July, Riverbed has created a new Aternity division. This is in addition to our Riverbed Digital Networking business. This will allow us to more fully capitalize on these two significant market opportunities. These two businesses often sell into unique buying centers, which may require different go-to-market and operational…

Our Tests Prove It: SaaS Accelerator Provides Dramatic Performance Boosts

The new Riverbed SaaS Accelerator is here to solve these problems. SaaS Accelerator facilitates fast, agile, secure delivery of SaaS applications to any user, anywhere, ensuring even the most far-flung and mobile employees stay productive and business continues apace. And that’s not just marketing fluff: we have tests that prove it.

In the Age of SaaS, a lot of Lessons can be Leveraged from the Past

Riverbed delivers faster access to leading SaaS applications in any location providing exceptional user experience. Our SaaS Accelerator offers end-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of leading enterprise SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box and more. Read more to see how you can boost the performance of your SaaS Apps.

Advancing the Human Experience in the Digital World

Today, nearly 4.5 billion humans are digitally connected, trillions of dollars are spent on digital transformation, and every organization is digital. However, for technology to reach its full potential, organizations need to measure and invest more in what matters most, the human experience. Because if you think about it, in today’s digital world, the experience that really matters is the human one.

Riverbed’s AIOps Vision: Towards a Self-Healing Future

After decades of theory, hype, and a fair few memorable movies, artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data are finally ready for real-world applications. CIOs are keen to harness these burgeoning technologies to better manage and protect their IT infrastructures, but how much of the AIOps vision can feasibly be delivered today?