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Rise Q2 Reward Statements

Partners who have earned dividends in Q2 will receive their Rise Quarterly statement summarizing their earned dividends and rewards details on August 15.

Fraudulent Email Alert

It is important to highlight that two of our global Riverbed partners have recently received emails from a “” source, which turned out to be fraudulent.   Given this, we want to call out the possibility of you receiving an email or communication like this and ask that you please place your teams on notice. The fraudulent…

Riverbed will be discontinuing Silver level support SKUs

Riverbed Technology hereby announces the discontinuance of Silver level maintenance and support services.  Our primary motivation is to improve the customer experience by eliminating RMA surprises associated with Silver level return to factory services. Silver level support and SKUs will no longer be available for sale effective August 7, 2019. Partners may continue to order…