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What AIOps Is—and Why Riverbed Is an AIOps Pioneer

AIOps has become something of a trendy concept. But the Riverbed SteelCentral suite of products delivers on its promise—and has for years. “Riverbed’s toolkit has pieces that predate people knowing the terms ‘machine learning’ and ‘artificial intelligence. The buzzwords didn’t even exist when we started.”

Brand Spanking New – The SaaS Accelerator Partner Playbook!

To help supercharge your SaaS sales activities, we are excited to tell you about the SaaS Accelerator Partner Playbook which is available now on Partner Center. This playbook is full of practical guidance, “how to” sales tips and other content that will power your SaaS customer engagements and reduce your time to sales closure. The playbook…

Putting Humans at the Center of Digital Transformation

Our new Advancing the Human Experience in the Digital World campaign crystalizes Riverbed’s purpose of putting humans at the center of digital transformation. It will also educate stakeholders on digital performance and why it matters for delivering more compelling human (user) experience, and can be adapted to vertical market segments, case studies, digital assets and…

The ROI of SteelCentral Aternity

A TechValidate survey of Aternity service providers and enterprises show some compelling ROI results: 15% fewer trouble tickets. 3 hours savings in Mean Time to Repair. 40% using Aternity for use cases outside of problem solving. Product Evangelist Mike Marks has delivered a compelling series of blogs and articles that explain these results in detail:…