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Build Revenue, Grab a Greater Share, and Offer Upgrade Services with SteelHead SD Updates

Riverbed has made some significant enhancements to SteelHead SD and the broader Riverbed Cloud Networking family, including:

  • Enterprise-Class Routing increases your market opportunity.  Major advancements to the SteelHead SD core routing stack gives you the ability to address a dramatically expanded market, particularly for large and complex enterprise networks where high-availability and advanced interoperability between SD-WAN and legacy networks is crucial.  To complement these capabilities at remote and branch office locations, a new head end / data center appliance SteelConnect SDI-2030 is also available, supporting inline data center integration and active, high-availability configurations.
  • Subscription-based Pricing gives you the ability to offer customers a flexible OPEX consumption model.  We are introducing new SDWAN-only and SDWAN + Optimization subscription-based licenses for all new SteelHead SD appliances.  This gives you the ability to offer your customers a fit-for-purpose & future-proofed solution at every branch location.
  • In-Field Upgrades give you the opportunity to upgrade your SteelHead install base to a software-defined platform.  SteelHead SD-Ready (570/770/3070) model appliances have already been adopted by thousands of customers worldwide as a platform ready for upgrade to the full stack of WAN Optimization plus SD-WAN capabilities.  A new in-field upgrade process enables you to do leverage the strategic footprint of the SteelHead installed base and immediately unlock a significant land-and-expand opportunity.

 Both SteelHead SD and the new SteelConnect SD-WAN gateway, SDI 2030, are available for quoting now, with first shipments targeted for August.

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