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Become a Certified Digital Performance Engineering Expert + Notice of Expiring Courses

In January 2018, Riverbed released our new certification program: Riverbed Certified Performance Engineer (RCPE).

  • RCPE focuses on capabilities and use-cases in digital performance to enable significant business results and outcomes.
  • Learn with a product agnostic approach on the principles and solutions of performance engineering and management.
  • Training is delivered through a combination of eLearning, instructor- led classes, hands-on labs and practicums that replicate real-world scenarios.

In order to become a digital performance engineering expert, and sit for an RCPE Professional Certification exam you must attend the required RCPE online training:

  • Online learning: Performance Foundations and the related Associate track that is available free to Partners through Partner Center.
  • Classroom training: for the Professional level course(s). More information:

PLEASE NOTE: effective 1 April 2019, the following certification program and exams will be retired:

  • Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate (RCSA)
    • RCSA-W
    • RCSA-NPM
    • RCSA-APM
    • RCSA-HCB
    • RCSA-NPM
  • Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional (RCSP)
    • RCSP-W
    • RCSP-NPM
    • RCSP-APM
    • RCSP-HCB

If you have completed these courses and are certified, your certification will remain valid for 2 years from the date of passing the exam. For more information on RCSA/RCSP please visit:

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