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Advancing the Human Experience in the Digital World

Riverbed is delighted to share with you details of the exciting new brand and advertising campaign “Advancing the Human Experience,” that launched on April 16. The global campaign is expected to generate significant awareness, enabling Riverbed and our partners to broaden our reach and audience, as we look to grow our mutual business.

The campaign and all the creative is focused on putting ‘humans’ at the center of digital transformation. Today, nearly 4.5 billion humans are digitally connected, trillions of dollars are spent on digital transformation, and every organization is digital. However, for technology to reach its full potential, organizations need to measure and invest more in what matters most, the human experience. Because if you think about it, in today’s digital world, the experience that really matters is the human one.

The campaign asserts that only one company, Riverbed, can measure digital experiences and maximize digital performance, so that organizations can deliver richer and more powerful human experiences – for their customers, employees, partners, patients and citizens. And together with our partners, we are helping customers advance the human experience in the digital world.

Here’s a preview of the fresh creative centered on the human experiences of digital technology. The campaign will also educate stakeholders on digital performance and why it matters for delivering more compelling human (user) experience, and can be adapted to vertical market segments, case studies, digital assets and much more.

With this campaign, we are investing significantly to grow the market opportunity for our Partners and Riverbed. Our goal is to drive 200 million impressions, focused primarily on digital and social media with placements in leading media properties such as, Fortune, Forbes, Australian Financial Review, The Guardian, CIO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are commencing our media activities in the US, UK and Australia, and plan to expand to additional markets in the fall.

Ads and social media lead to a new Human Experience campaign landing page that includes: an inspirational brand video; feature stories on the impact of digital technologies for customers, employees, and citizens; videos of Riverbed customers advancing the human experience; and links to many resources including our new Digital Performance site and the Benchmarking Competencies for Digital Performance report and assessment tool from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which Riverbed commissioned.

We welcome your help in amplifying this message in the market by going to our Riverbed social handles and either sharing or liking our Human Experience posts. Please also feel free to use our new hashtag #HumanExperience. We’ll be sharing more details on the brand campaign on an upcoming Rivercast, including additional ways that our partners can participate with Riverbed in this campaign.

Together, let’s advance the human experience in the digital world.

Bridget Bisnette
Senior VP, Global Partner Sales
+1 510-508-8115

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