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Achieve Embedded Services Success with Riverbed Rise

The Market Transition to Solutions and Services

As customers pursue digital transformation of their organizations, they are looking for new ways to consume IT. Partners are playing a key role, working with their preferred vendors to adapt to these changes and create incremental value for their customers. This often means offering managed cloud and life-cycle services that make it easier to deliver value to customers while also providing recurring revenue streams.

Many of the most successful partners are creating their own value-add packaged solutions by combining their own technology, service and support with vendor hardware, software and in some case services – and achieving significant sales with this approach.

Partners can reduce time to market and accelerate recognition of business results with vendor-supplied lifecycle solution development and go-to-market (GTM) assistance. The right vendor can programmatically provide programs and expertise to help customers successfully architect, develop and execute the solution.

Riverbed Rise supports your solutions journey

In conjunction with the launch of Riverbed Rise, we have significantly enhanced our Embedded Solutions and Services (ESS) program. Keeping the same goals of simplicity, flexibility and profitability in mind, our ESS program adds ESS-specific benefits to Riverbed product and channel components to create a program that provides exceptional value to partners as they develop their embedded solutions by supporting them in every step of ESS development and go-to-market:

  • Templates to assist with identifying important elements to consider when crafting and developing the solution
  • Professional Services – now available with partner level specific additional discounts, 10% / 20% Premier / Elite, to assist with ESS development, enablement and knowledge transfer
  • 3 months of full access to Riverbed Lab PaaS virtual lab environment allowing partners to architect, build and test out their embedded Riverbed products, a $3,000 value
  • Support with demand generation and GTM:
    • Demand generation assistance through the Riverbed Reach marketing program. Two free of charge Concierge Level Riverbed Reach marketing campaigns, valued at $9,750 per campaign
    • Working with partners to deliver a joint press release for the completed ESS
  • Financial benefit – when an embedded solution is complete, Riverbed awards the Rise partner 35 dividends, which is equivalent to $3500 to recognize the partners’ investments in developing the ESS.


Foundational to the ESS program are Riverbed products, solutions and services:

  • With various consumption options, these are designed to provide features and functionality that easily integrate into partners ESS’s including Managed and XaaS offerings.
  • Riverbed’s subscription and SaaS consumption models align with a variety of partners GTM product billing options.
  • Riverbed product features are key to such solutions as Visibility and/or Networking -as-a-Service, Optimized Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Migration, Managed Application Performance, WAN, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi Services, Desktop Support Services, to name a few.


Start Your Services Transformation Today

Talk to your Riverbed Channel Sales Manager and consult the Embedded Solutions and Services page on the partner center to learn more about how Riverbed’s ESS Program can help you develop and take to market your solutions, provide greater value to your customers and enhance your revenues.  To better understand the program and its benefits for ESS partners, refer to the ESS Guide and FAQ on the partner center website.