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3 Keys to Using Demos as a Powerful Sales Tool

We retain information better when we are active, practicing and engaged in discussion. Learn the art of using demos as an effective sales tool to close deals.

Riverbed joint solutions with Wi-Fi offer tremendous value to customers. Most solution providers will claim to be the simplest and easiest through their marketing messaging, but convincing customers through PowerPoint can be challenging. Stand out from your competition and demonstrate to your customers what you offer in a live cloud system with users, devices, and traffic.

Riverbed Xirrus Cloud was built as a highly scalable multi-tenant platform from ground up with a singular focus: simplicity. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to show a powerful demo of XMS-Cloud and its integration with other Riverbed solutions. We have you covered!

Here are your 3 keys to successful demos:

  1. Understand your customer’s requirements and tailor your demonstration to meet them. It is very easy to get carried away to show all the wonderful things our solutions can do. While there are many benefits to our products that engage customers, not each one will be applicable to every customer. Focus on the key needs of the customer you uncovered during the discovery to shape your demo. This is the most critical key to a wow-worthy demo.
  2. Focus on business benefits and outcomes instead of features, speeds and feeds. Many of us have witnessed a sales attempt where the presenter goes feature by feature or function by function. It makes perfect sense for a training but will utterly fail as a sales pitch. Instead, focus on the business benefits and speak to “how will it address this customer’s business needs?” as you demonstrate the functionality.
  3. Make it relevant by engaging your audience. Tell a story, ask questions. Through engaging examples and asking questions, show your customer how they can use the functionality to benefit their specific situation. When customers engage with the solution they become more invested. That is exactly what you want, an emotionally engaged customer who is playing “what if” scenarios in their heads as you demonstrate.

Demonstrations and hands-on activities are much more effecting in retaining information compared to reading or audio-visual communications.

Initiating interactive discussions are more effective and will lead to getting the customer hands-on experience with the product, which better communicates how your solution will work for them. And, now, it’s easy to get Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi Access into the hands of your customers. Utilize our no-obligation free trial offer.

Prepare for your dynamic demos!

Arm yourself with available resources by checking out this Cloud Demo Video and Step-by-Step Demo Guide. There’s also a Cloud account for your customer demos already set up for you to use, too – access it here.

If you want to get an AP of your own – for FREE – simply, complete Xirrus technical training (courses: RTSA-WL and RTSS-WL) and we’ll send an AP to you at your office (3-4 week delivery time) free of charge. There is no substitute for practice; these trainings will have you prepared with confidence.

Next time you get in front of a customer, remember the learning pyramid and use it to your advantage. You have teams of people at Riverbed assist you – Channel Sales Executives, Systems Engineers, and Product teams. We’d be happy to assist you in demonstrating to your customers.



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