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Federal Mission Accomplished with Riverbed SteelFusion

When it comes to IT for federal facilities, the stakes can be quite high. See how you can show your U.S. government customers that SteelFusion means “mission accomplished” for internal and external security, flawless application performance and optimal outcomes even in the most challenging scenarios.

Five Ways to Secure the IoT Edge

The Internet of Things is poised to produce 2 zettabytes of information by 2025, and enterprises in traditionally non-IT environments are becoming dependent upon secure edge computing. See the opportunity that the IoT edge represents, and how SteelFusion can provide defense-in-depth with data protection and disaster recovery in the digital transformation of the edge

Improve First Contact Resolution with Aternity

Traditional resale partners and managed service providers have customers who are looking for ways to make their IT infrastructure more stable and reliable. See how a service desk solution built on Aternity can provide world-class end-user experiences and proactive troubleshooting so that the service desk can elevate first-contact troubleshooting and speed time to resolution with fewer handoffs.

Help Your ServiceNow Customers Raise Service Quality

ServiceNow is one of the most popular service desk solutions on the market, and now, Riverbed has rolled out bi-directional integration between SteelCentral Aternity and ServiceNow. This integration provides your ServiceNow customers with a closed-loop trouble ticketing workflow that helps service desk staff reduce mean-time-to-repair while raising service quality.